The negative consequences of alcohol consumption

About the dangers of alcoholism written many scientific articles, however, the topic does not lose relevance, and the number of drinkers of less is not done. Why people continue to seek solace in drink, but understand that the consequences of the consumption of alcohol can be terrible?

the consequences of alcohol consumption

Alcohol is an interesting feature. All those who drink, when they begin to engage in a process 100% insurance that may come loose. The alcohol does not cause immediate dependence, and to estimate the damage to the body after a single reception alcohol is nearly impossible. In man it produces confidence, as if he can cope with the effects of alcohol and will avoid the fate of the many who rolled in the excessive consumption of alcohol.

In reality, what happens is what happens: the number of alcoholics is growing in the group of dependents of the most likely women and adolescents.

As well as characterize the effects of alcohol on the body, and what to do to not become an alcoholic?

Changes in the body of the drinker

If you describe briefly the impact of ethanol on health, you get the following:

  • the liver begins to be born,
  • it produces depression of the central nervous system,
  • increases the risk of blood clots
  • lower fertility and increases the risk of congenital malformations, pathologies of the descendants.

Because only this is enough to leave forever from alcohol and start a clear life. But many don't notice the negative influence of alcohol and considered that the concern of the doctors flimsy.

In this sense, statistics are relentless: of chronic alcoholics only half of those who reach the age of forty. Many die at the age of 30-35 years of cirrhosis of the liver or poisoning by defects in the alcohol.

The consequences of alcohol abuse may feel in himself, not only is a drinker of people, but also to their descendants. He pointed out that children abusing parents are often faced with problems that are cardiovascular in nature, nervous disorders, congenital diseases. Many of them have deviations in the development. And if the kids have never tasted alcohol, are observed, such violations, talking about the results of the long-term consumption of alcohol for the adults!

the consequences of alcohol consumption for the heart

The destruction of the liver

The liver is one of the first to accept the blow in itself. Any alcohol products neutralized precisely these organs. If the amount of alcohol is large, the liver not able to recycle harmful components, and under his influence begins to be born. If to speak about the possibilities of liver, which is huge. Even after a strong poisoning-this organ is able to fully recover, but if the changes pass the point of no return, starts the cirrhosis that does not respond to treatment. The man remains only to live the rest of his days, enduring in pain and is limited in almost everything.

For the processing of ethanol consumes a lot of time, and if the person is systematic, employs alcohol, and their derivatives, are not completely eliminated. As a result it produces the chronic poisoning, which adversely affects all the systems of the human body. The liver is the organ that does not have nerve endings and, therefore, known only in the cases in which a pathological process going too far.

When the alcohol dystrophy recovery is possible, although the treatment will have the character of long duration. If the person remains in the consumption of alcohol, there is a alcoholic hepatitis, and then cirrhosis of the liver. During the development of liver failure occurs encephalopathy and hepatic coma. At that time people is very swollen, the liver increases in size, the epidermis acquire the yellow. Liver cirrhosis is one of the leading causes of death for the majority of alcoholics.

Effect of ethanol on the central nervous system

Change of mood to the fans to make visible to others. If the anger alternates with the dynamism and good mood with irritability, this speaks of poisoning by derivatives of ethanol. With a slight drunkenness, suffers from the cerebral cortex, and hold the administration work of the centres. As a result, the person ceases to control his behavior and is not responsible for their own actions. Increasing the concentration of ethanol in the blood causes the disconnect motor centres, worsening of vision, and the bifurcacin of the image.

Of excessive alcohol consumption they lose the ability to think properly and nerve cells die. A person can have problems with the taste and the tactile sensations, he observed disorders vegetative, reduced hearing, perception. Strong alcoholic intoxication and contributes to the widening and a drastic reduction of the blood vessels of the brain, which is often the immediate cause of death.

The effects of alcoholic beverages are destroyed in the nerve fibers. This leads to a change psycho-emotional of the patient, becomes, or aggressive, or completely indifferent to everything that happens. The man falls into depression and loses the meaning of life. Frequent of the consequences of alcohol consumption irreversible mental impairment.

How affects of alcohol on the heart

the consequences of the consumption of alcohol to the liver

There is the belief that alcohol lowers the cholesterol and after alcohol, the blood thickens a lot. In reality, it is a temporary effect, and with the regular use of ethanol the risk of thrombosis increases in times. Alcohol depresses the cardiovascular system, causing tachycardia, decreased due to the decrease of myocardium. Systematic consumption of alcoholic drinks, people with problems with the heart, they run the risk of falling in a hospital bed.

That still threatens the heart:

  • alcoholism leads to the development of hypertension;
  • increases the fragility of the blood vessels;
  • the ethanol causes the cardiomyopathy;
  • increases the risk of developing a myocardial infarction;
  • alcoholics often suffer from heart failure, than non-drinkers.

In the case of alcohol abuse produce permanent damage in the myocardium, which will help you to identify the ecg. In addition, the heart increases in size and produces the enlargement of its cavities.

Communication problems

Alcohol not only affects health, but also in the relationships in the family and with others. Drinkers of husbands often become aggressive and begin to terrorize their wives and children. In the background of consumption of alcohol caused a large amount of appliances of fights and conflicts with violence.

the consequences of alcohol consumption in the communication

The alcoholic can not hide for a long time your problem at work. Under the influence of ethanol reduces the activity of the brain, the person becomes less effective in the workplace, is often forgotten of information, can not concentrate. Ultimately, the patient is closed in itself and is surrounded by the same alcoholics, like himself.

That may advise people who use alcohol? Rather than thinking of their own health and less about the consumption of alcohol. If they appear in the embrace of the green serpent is not possible, you should begin taking medicines that are alcohol resistance. Today, those funds are made freely on the internet. You can buy without a prescription, the treatment is carried out anonymously. You must think about the organization of leisure activities, restrict communication with the people, resulting in the excessive consumption of alcohol. If you get out of the depression is difficult, it requires the consultation of a psychologist qualified.